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Solar Power Quotes – How Do They Work?

Solar Power Quotes – How Do They Work?

Eskom's big increase in electricity tariffs threatens many South African households that are already stretched to the limits.

After some extensive periods of load shedding, we feared that living without electricity for several hours a day would become an unavoidable part of our lives.

While that hasn’t transpired (yet), the current situation obviously isn’t sustainable either. It’s not hyperbolic to state that Eskom might just “go off” for a VERY extended period of time.

The bottom line is that grid electricity is fast becoming unaffordable and people are realising that it is a matter of survival now to embrace renewable solutions. People are looking for control over their costs and what they spend on electricity, and renewables are answering that need.

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So there is an increasing need for consumers to consider other options, such as having solar panels installed at your home or small business. It’s time for South Africans to take back the power!

If you’re interested in making the change, you will need to get solar installation quotes from service providers. What information are these solar quotes based on, and what will you need to know to get the best solar panel deal?

Solar Power Quotes – What Your Service Provider Will Ask

The following are factors your service provider might need to know about, to get you a quote for solar installation that’s accurate.

  • What is your location and its co-ordinates?
  • Do you want a grid-tied system? This offsets the power you use from Eskom, but it will only work when the sun is shining.
  • Do you want a backup system with batteries? This allows you to use stored power at night or when the sun isn’t out.
  • Will you need single-phase or three-phase power? Three-phase power is generally used in large commercial or industrial settings.
  • What is your total daily consumption in kW/hr?
  • What is your peak power consumption in kW?
  • Autonomy is the backup time required from batteries when there is no sunshine. How much autonomy will you need?
  • Where will your system be mounted: the ground, a flat roof, or a pitched roof?

Getting Quotes for Solar Power – What You Should Ask Your Provider

There are also some factors that homeowners should ask a solar solutions provider before agreeing to engage their services.

What is your return on investment on solar installations? The truth about solar prices is that a good home solar energy system should reduce electricity costs by up to 50%, depending on the amount of available roof space that your house has.

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A proper solar solution should pay for itself the money you save on costs within five years. Ask your supplier if they can make this happen.

Does the solar company have a proven track record? Make sure the company has the necessary experience and expertise to install reliable, efficient solar solutions. Find a company that has been in business for a number of years and is a stable operation – you’ll need them to maintain your system for at least 20 years.

Is the company up to date with the latest solar technology? Innovations in the solar industry are improving at a rapid pace to keep up with the fast-growing industry. The company must be up to date and able to provide you with the best possible solar solutions on today’s market.

Are the solar systems regulation-compliant? Solar energy systems have to comply with local regulations. and most municipalities require that homeowners apply for permission to connect their systems to the grid. Your solar solutions supplier should advise you on this process to avoid fines.

Will the solar company do a home assessment? Before giving you a full solar quote for your system, the company should first do a thorough home energy assessment. They will take into account factors like the size of the household and the area it’s located in.

Will you need to finance your solar solution? When asking for a quote for solar energy, a good solar solutions supplier will advise you on how you can afford your system. The best companies will arrange your financing directly.

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It makes absolutely no financial sense for South Africans to keep paying for a resource like electricity that we can in fact generate for ourselves – and with a system that adds tremendous value to our properties. When getting your solar installation quotes, remember that the system will also save you a massive amount of money over your investment’s lifespan.

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