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Get The Power – Your Guide to Going Solar

We all need electricity – but costs are rising, the supply is unstable, and it hurts the environment. What are your options?

Most South Africans accept that we’re at the mercy of the grid. We think the alternatives are too expensive, or not advanced enough yet. We’re wrong!

Did you know that solar energy technology has now developed to the point that it’s now accessible and affordable for the average homeowner or small business owner?

Did you know that you can save up to 50% on your electricity bill?

Our comprehensive guide will show you how:

  • solar power means big savings on your electricity costs
  • solar power benefits the environment and the community
  • you can find the right solution for your home or business
  • you can finance your solar installation and start saving

Get Your Guide To Going Solar

We want South Africans to benefit from big savings, to move off the grid, and to help the environment.

We want to show you that solar is the future, and the future is for everyone.

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