About SolarConnect

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SolarConnect offers many technologies, products and solutions for our clients all over South Africa. We provide South Africans with solar solutions tailored to suit them and their environment. Cost-effectiveness, return on investment (check our solar savings calculator), convenience and sustainability are our goals.

SolarConnect believes in sustaining our local economy. The more people who choose to use solar technology products, the more people we need to install and maintain the solar panels, which helps everyone. 


Solar energy is available for free for all South Africans – all you pay for is the technology, installation and maintenance. SolarConnect helps you harness the power of sunshine – and South Africa has plenty of sunshine!

You’re no longer at the mercy of fluctuating energy costs due to power company mismanagement or political turmoil. Depending on where you live and your household energy consumption, our solar panel installation will pay for itself in 1 - 5 years.


SolarConnect believes that resources in South Africa should be used to enrich the lives of South African communities, and not huge faceless corporations or foreigners. We are a South African company that helps create jobs for South Africa. 

We believe that today’s South Africans AND our future generations deserve to live in a progressive country on a thriving planet powered by a sustainable energy source.


Solar energy creates 91% less carbon dioxide pollution than natural gas, and 96% less than coal. Responsible householders are increasingly aware of the effects of pollution on our planet. SolarConnect is committed to promoting clean, renewable sources of energy for the future of Earth, our environment, and all our citizens.

Contact us today so we can offer you advanced solar solutions which will accelerate you into the future! You can get a quote for your solar installation, or apply to finance your solar installation.

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Use our solar savings calculator to see how much you will save by going solar.


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About Solar Connect

Solarconnect connects you to solar energy providers. You can choose to opt for financing, or get a quote on a solar installation. 

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