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What's The Right Solar system For You?

  Small household Average household Large household
Number of people 1-2 people 2-3 people 4+ people
Average daily usage 5-11 kWh 9-21 kWh 18+ kWh
Approximate power generated 2,049 to 3,212 kWh pa 2,628 to 6,424 kWh pa 5,256 to 8,030 kWh pa
Roof area required Approx. 16-18m2 Approx. 18-40m2 Approx. 40-50m2
Recommended system 1.5-2kW 2-4kW 4-5kW
1000 Thousands of Customers
50-70% Electricity bill Savings per Month
4.95 Average Rating

Savings Overview

Savings based on residential PPA and lease customers with at least twelve months of billing data. Savings Rate calculated by subtracting PPA or equivalent lease kWh rate from relevant utility kWh rate. Savings calculated by multiplying actual kWh supplied by SolarConnect in customers' first year times Savings Rate. Excludes fully or partially prepaid contracts.

Find The Right Solar Plan For You

Package Basic Energy Total Cost Monthly Payment Term Recommendation
Starter package 28% off R23,000.00 R696.08  60 months Recommended for small holdings
Mini package 26% off R29,000.00 R851.73  60 months Recommended for 1 – 2 bedroom homes with lights, plugs, television and fridge
Medium package Basic energy agreement for electricity R49,500.00 R1,383.51 60 months Recommended for 1 – 2 bedroom homes with lights, plugs, television, fridge and washing machine
Popular package No increases or additional supply charges during 2 years R85,000.00 R2,304.40 60 months Recommended for 3 – 4 bedroom homes with lights, plugs, television, fridge, washing machine, microwave, kettle and a toaster
Large package No increases or additional supply charges during 2 years R120,000.00 R3,212.32 60 months Recommended for 5 bedroom homes with lights, plugs, television, fridge, washing machine, microwave, kettle, toaster and air conditioner

How Will Solar Panels Look On My Roof?

Perfectly! Our set of contemporary designed, low-profile and premium front trim panels will integrate beautifully into your home's or office building's exterior.

How Does Solar Power Work?

In short, our panels absorb the sun’s energy, then channel it through discreetly placed wires to an inverter. There it is being converted to electricity...

What are the environmental impacts and benefits of solar energy?

They're solid. The average solar power system will offset 178 tons of CO2 over 30 years. That is great!

How much will I save?

*based on our Medium package: R 49 500.00

Electricity billing analysis for “User” (10% escalation annually)

Year Public Utility Monthly Public Utility Annually SolarConnect Monthly SolarConnect Annually
2017 R 1,000.00 R 12,000 R 1,383.51 R 16,602.12
2018 R 1,100.00 R 13,200.00 R 1,383.51 R 16,602.12
2019 R 1,210.00 R 14,520.00 R 1,383.51 R 16,602.12
2020 R 1,331.00 R 15,972.00 R 1,383.51 R 16,602.12
2021 R 1,464.00 R 17,568.00 R 1,383.51 R 16,602.12
Sub Total (2017-2021) R 73,260.00 R 83,010.60
2022 R 1,610.00 R 19,320.00 R 0.00 R 0.00
2023 R 1,771.00 R 21,252.00 R 0.00 R 0.00
2024 R 1,948.00 R 23,376.00 R 0.00 R 0.00
2025 R 2,142.00 R 25,704.00 R 0.00 R 0.00
2026 R 2,356.00 R 28,272.00 R 0.00 R 0.00
Sub Total (2022-2026) R 117,924.00 R 0.00 R 0.00
Total over 10 years R 191,184.0 R 0.00 R 83,010.60

YOU SAVE R 108,173.40 after 10 years!

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